White Horse to Bucharest

Heading Here

He who has not seen Bucharest, nor ridden upon a white horse, knows not what is beautiful in this world. -Romanian proverb An elderly, illiterate woman hears the story of creation for the first time. A Christmas shoebox finds its way to a street boy in a snowy parking lot. The secret police trail a Bible smuggler through the streets of communist Romania. An old woman in a dreary hospital ward demonstrates the meaning of true love. One of Romania’s many orphans finds his roots in a poignant homecoming. When their church sent them out as humanitarian workers, Lee and Vila Gingerich expected a positive experience, but they never guessed how much Romania would teach them. Through this collection of over seventy short stories, let Romania steal your heart like it did theirs. To order: https://www.gospelpublishers.com/usa/product/white-horse-to-bucharest/ For more information: htps://www.vilagingerich.com or Email: gingerichvila@gmail.com See Less