The Pillow Fairy

Much to his parents’ dismay, three-year-old Matt doesn’t want to sleep alone in his own bed. One night he is visited by the Pillow Fairy, and his magical journey begins, and soon Matt realizes that sleeping in his own bed-all by himself, can be a fun and rewarding experience. “Dedicated to all the mommies and daddies who never sleep alone”, Marcia G Riley uses her own family’s personal story to enchant small readers and help families deal with the common and difficult issue of getting children to go to sleep alone and stay in their own beds-all night long. It has been used by parents, grandparents, therapists, and pediatricians. As one doctor said, “It is a picture book for parents.” Even if you do not have a sleep issue, your little one will love Marcia’s flowing prose and Joni’s beautiful illustrations. To order go to or contact Marcia on the contact page of her website or through email at, or through Facebook messenger on the Pillow Fairy FB page.