Teacher’s Notes-Living Geography Book I

The Living Geography Book I curriculum brings a unique approach to the elementary study of geography using a student’s own observation and experience. By avoiding rote facts and dull information, it opens the door to the reader’s thoughts and imagination on our world, its place and motion in the universe, measurement and maps, landforms and oceans, and the governing systems of countries. Using the TEACHER’S NOTES, the instructor will enjoy the ease of bringing students thorough, engaging lessons. A reading schedule for Living Geography provides the framework. Clear, detailed instructions for numerous hands-on activities are provided for Object Lessons, Map Questions, Outdoor Geography, Scouting, Reading Maps, Drawing, and Map Making. To order: website Reallivinglife.com, email reallivinglife6@gmail.com, address 3650 Golden Eagle Circle, Blair NE 68008, phone 402-426-4368.