Prosperity God’s Way

A lady was given a sample copy. She had been preparing to give $1500 to the suffering in Israel. She bumped it to $3000 after reading the book. Later $10,000 more. I asked; because of the book? A firm yes followed. The next free copy: The lady sent a thank you card, saying she had quit tithing, but after reading the book started again. One gentleman prompted by the book message, routinely gives $5000 at a time to a radio ministry. Numerous positive testimonies exist based on the specific content of this book. It’s tested and proven to enhance ministry budgets and not by just a little. All without saying a word to the reader.

Order from: James Whitmer, 2521 NW 114 Terrace, Oklahoma City, OK, 73120. Bulk purchase of 80 books per case at $3.00 per copy shipped. Retail single price of $20.00 shipped.