A Coon in My Coveralls

The skunk looked me straight in the eye as I crept slowly toward the cage trap, hoping to quietly open the cage door as I had done successfully several times in the past and offer the little blighter his freedom. That morning as time stood still and a pale yellow mist suddenly filled the air, I learned a skunk can still spray you even as it looks you square in the eye! While growing up in central Ohio, I discovered that every time I ventured outdoors to hunt, trap or fish, something hilarious would. If you recognize your own adventures gone wrong in these outdoor stories or find that your mind conjures up some of the same ludicrous scenarios as mine does, you’ll discover that you’re in good company too. Even if you don’t, you’ll still get a chuckle over my mishaps. So make a root beer float, grab a handful of jerky sticks and sit back and enjoy A Coon in My Coveralls. To purchase mail a check to: Steve Gilliland 206 N Maple Inman, KS 67546 – $18 postage paid