I Prophesy With My Art

“I Prophesy With My Art”, God’s Word To You, shows 27 full-page paintings, in color, arranged in an order that tells the Gospel story, each with a page of scripture and text on the subject, stirring the joy of believers, reminding them of God’s saving love and protection in their lives; It also creates hope in those who are needing help to make good decisions concerning their lives; Best of all, this book provides an easy way to lead others to Christ, securing their home in heaven!

To order:
(A.) Follow instructions at hisartbyanita.com
(B.) Mail ck. for $20 + $5.50 postage for each book to: His Story Art, Inc., P.O. Box 27, Wayland, Ia. 52654
(C.) Phone 319-256-5772
(D.) Order on Amazon