Custer’s Mouse

Did you know Custer had a mouse? He did, among his other pets, but Alf the Mouse was a bundle of energy and quite the little addition to the 7th Cavalry. In her book Boots and Saddles, Elizabeth Custer introduces the reader to this resourceful little fellow. Admittedly, license has been taken to show Alf at his best, but who can resist this dashing mouse in his cavalry uniform with shiny brass buttons, as he proudly takes his place alongside the frontier army of the West. He’s one recruit who above all is loyal and true, and always comes back to the General, his patient friend and protector.

Alf’s mouse tales are sure to find a place in hearts and history alike.  Along the way, Alf imparts invaluable lessons regarding bravery, courage, family and friends, even cleanliness and of course “esprit de corps.” He was undoubtedly Custer’s smallest and only four-legged scout, and (it goes without saying) a real trooper. Join in saluting Private Alf . . . a mouse, a soldier and a true adventurous spirit.