Christ the Caliph of Islam

Christ the Caliph of Islam (232 pp.) is an exploration of Jewish and Christian scriptures that foretell the coming of Islam, its Prophet (Muhammad) and its Book (the Quran). These prophecies are found in eighty-five different Bible chapters in the Torah, the Prophets and the Gospel. The author, a Christian, has studied Islam for seventeen years and finds no contradiction in the existence of Islam and Christianity as two complementary, mutually enabling expressions of a greater plan of God. Both Christian and Muslim readers, whether scholars, clerics or laypersons, are invited to consider this labor of love and its peaceful yet challenging and surprising exposition on the unity that inherently resides in the diverse nations of Abraham. To Purchase Send $12 to: 8th Generation Publishing 3657 CR 1500 Havana, KS 67347 phone: (620) 224-0766 email: