Beet Greens

In Kelsi Depew’s first book, Beet Greens, she writes about parenthood, inequity, and nature with a focus on how things are all connected and the beauty we can find in those relationships. Through poetry and photography, the reader is walked through the seasons of a year of writing. The artfully handwritten poems add a level of intimacy into the work, as if the author is holding your hand on the journey. Written in 2020, the poems are reflective on what is truly important. We all had more opportunity to step inside ourselves, and this book is a look at what was found. The poems are simple and often short, and described by Kelsi as “accessible poetry for the everyday.” Alongside the poetry is photography by the author that supports the artistry of the poems in the same simple style as the writing. The book is, as a whole, a work of art worth seeing.

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